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We exist to make our ad-agency clients’ businesses flourish through digital media. Every day, we navigate the complex world of online media for clients in education, recruitment and marketing. At Crunch Simply Digital we have the experience, the tools and the technology to cut through the complexity of digital media.


We were recently announced as a Google Premier Partner – one of only two in the UK Education & Recruitment industries. As you can tell, we’re rather proud to have been awarded this status.


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Our offer is really very simple. Our value proposition is to be on-demand and continue to invest in technological solutions. Crunch Simply Digital are a single point of access to more than 300 ad networks and 1000s of premium publishers (more than 9 billion potential placements, in fact).



Digital ad spend increased by 800% from 2004 to 2014 (£825m – 7.2bn).


Over 70% of online advertising will be bought programmatically by 2017.

40p in every pound spent on advertising in the UK is spent on digital.

“At Group GTI, we strive to be at the forefront for innovation within the graduate and student recruitment market. Crunch Simply Digital enable us to be a front runner by pushing the digital boundaries through the latest technology and result-obsessed insights.”

Jon Mallott, Commercial Director at GTI Media


Programmable Video

Encompasses an array of technologies that automate buying, placement, and optimisation of media inventory

Programmable Mobile

Placing artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for mobile campaigns.

Campaign Tracking

From setting up and parsing a link to logging campaign data in Analytics reporting and associating campaigns with goals in order to track user conversion.


Represents a wide range of different formats and contains items such as text, images, flash, video, and audio.


Behavioural retargeting – online targeted advertising based on previous user interaction.


Affecting visibility of a website or webpage.


Utiliising social networking websites as a marketing tool.

Pioneering Programmatic for Recruitment

Pioneering Programmatic for Recruitment

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