Ad Appreciation: Facebook - LET’S GET TO WORK

Ad Appreciation: Facebook – LET’S GET TO WORK

Facebook’s Let’s get to work advertising campaign encourages UK SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to use Facebook. Using Facebook with the aim of reaching more people and get more business through their door.

The way in which this is done is via a multifaceted campaign. It uses outdoor, TV, Print, Digital and Cinema advertising. The campaign features 16 SMEs and demonstrates how they have been using Facebook effectively in this ‘Let’s get to work’ campaign.

What makes this a great ad campaign?

A major aspect of Facebook’s campaign is the video’s narration by Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones). It depicts small and medium businesses (SMEs) and snippets of their hard work. Featuring: a boxing gym, a butcher a barber and a welsh denim company, among many others.

Their key messaging within the video is that SMEs are great at what they do. They should use Facebook to help them in reaching people who do not “live just down the street”. Furthermore, it illustrates that Facebook can be used beyond the scope of local word of mouth and can encourage people from further abreast to come visit their business.

Let's get to work

Let’s get to work

Throughout the campaign the adverts link back to the individual SMEs within the campaign; the images and creatives they use highlight the successes of the business.

Every static advert demonstrates how each individual SME within the campaign has achieved success. Most of all, every SME within the campaign has their own dedicated microsite which explores in more depth how each of the SMES worked with Facebook business to build and improve their businesses.

 “Facebook can be used beyond the scope of local word and mouth


Once on the landing page, it’s especially clear that a lot of thought has gone into designing a simple landing page. Everything above the fold is relevant information. It shows clearly how to go about setting up and utilising Facebook for SMEs, and how to improve their successes as a business.  Below the fold is a carousel of the success stories, for each SMEs within the campaign. This links the campaign back with the other elements of the campaign. Most of all, it further consolidates the benefits of Facebook as a driver of success for SMEs.

Throughout this campaign Facebook’s focus within the messaging is less on Facebook as a monopolistic giant in the social landscape. It focuses more on the SMEs that drive the UK economy and their success stories. They use the more realistic and attainable stories of SMEs that naturally resonate with SMEs. They appeal towards their desire to succeed within their respective industry. For each advert and throughout the campaign Facebook subtly and modestly links back to how this attributes to the SMEs use of Facebook. Then when the audience eventually finds their way to the main landing page, the messaging focuses far more on encouraging SMEs to set themselves up on Facebook and outlining the instructions on how to go about doing this. Which is ultimately the objective of the campaign.