Ad Appreciation: NOW THAT’S ADULTING - Crunch

Company: Kinder

Strapline: Now that’s Adulting

Release: September 2017

Channel: Online advert

Nominated by: Lucy Owen

Now That’s Adulting

Although typically associated as a product for children, Kinder (meaning “children”), the multinational confectionery company’s advert has found its way into the older market. In its latest campaign, Now That’s Adulting, Kinder showcased their tongue-in-cheek philosophy of ‘adulting’ with the aim of targeting Kinder Buenos at grown-ups.

The campaign runs for 8 weeks, featuring a 20 second master advert for video on demand, three 10-second cut downs, and an extended edit, while TMW, the Customer Engagement Agency, has also produced a series of gifs to support the campaign’s social media. Their choice of advertising platforms reflects Kinder’s adult target audience. The campaign is purely online; visible across social media, video on demand, experiential sampling, and shopping media and has expanded its online influence with vlogger partnerships, where influencers reward themselves for completing ‘adulting’ challenges.

Kinder has created a colourful, retro-feel ad supported with a synth soundtrack to really emphasise that old throwback feel. The ad features two friends celebrating completing mundane, every-day jobs that us young adults have to learn and endure, including keeping house plants alive, bleeding radiators, and paying the gas bill. The campaign aims to celebrate these mini-accomplishments by introducing “deliciously smooth” Kinder Bueno as the go-to reward.



Kinder developed cross-generational research into what being a ‘grown-up’ means for different generations. Whilst some might say that life begins at 30, Kinder Bueno’s research found that the typical Brit would love to permanently remain at the age of 29 if they could. Their research revealed that the little things such as doing your own washing and setting up direct debits, as featured in the ad, are signs you are an adult in 2017.

After a long day of adulting, the ad’s stars finally hit the sofa and treat themselves to a Kinder Bueno. This advert works so well because of its direct hit to its target audience. Using relatable social phenomenon and truisms that we simply cannot deny, plus a new fun tone of voice, these features combined give it a fresh relevance to its target audience.

We know being a grown up in today’s modern world is tough and Kinder recognise that. They encourage consumers and associated vloggers to reward themselves for their ‘adulting’ successes. Levi Boorer, Customer Development Director at Ferrero, said, “With adults making up two thirds of Kinder Bueno consumption, we wanted to develop a campaign that would connect with them and their daily lives. Life is certainly better when you’re smiling and when the research showed that two thirds of adults think life is far too short to be sensible all the time, our campaign platform began to piece together”.

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