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Bucket List Experience

Sept 2017

TV & Online Advert

Dai Butcher

In brief

The Bucket List Experience – We all dream about winning the lottery and getting to live the perfect life travelling or relaxing. What would you do if you won the lottery? Skiing, sky diving, Safari holiday or maybe you own desert island?

Well most of us will have to just keep dreaming, unless there is a way to experience these things without winning the lottery?

This was the premise behind the new lotto campaign in Sweden. VR Headsets were worn by some willing volunteers and they were placed in some simulations with a variety of sensory effects.

Screen grab 1

High end peripherals

With the use of some high-end peripherals, a paddling pool, and a Samsung Gear VR headset, the user is given a once in a lifetime experience of what several Swedish people would do if they won the lottery. My favourite moment is the extraction hose playing the part of an elephant’s trunk.

VR is big business in marketing right now and this advert is a shining example of how VR can be executed well. It creates an immersive world not only for the person experiencing it, but also for the audience watching it.

Bucket List Experience

The only part I didn’t understand was the ad’s message. Is it asking us if won the lottery we can go and experience these things? or if we were to win the lottery, we could buy all the equipment to have the virtual experience? Personally, I would want to win the lottery to buy the equipment and have a go myself.

This was by far my favourite Ad of the week. Since the invention of ad blockers and the ability to press skip on ads, agencies had to step up their game and make engaging and innovative content, and this is just that.  Enjoyable to watch, stays on point with content and even though the message is a little vague the brand stuck out in my head, which is what you want.

You can watch the advert here:

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