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Using video for recruitment isn’t up-and-coming anymore. It’s a fact that potential candidates want to see more video content, so how does it work in recruitment?

In terms of digital marketing, high quality video is necessary. Using video for recruitment comes with a load of benefits for recruiters. According to research from Forrester – just one minute of video holds the same value as 1.8 million words. It’s a bold statement, but one that rings true and evident through multiple advertising campaigns.


Own your success story

Google is one of those companies that have really got on board with using video for recruitment. Google is sharp; it looks an exciting place to work. Why are we convinced? Because the video tells us so.

Google’s quick pace, colourful video includes employee testimonials, glimpse of unique benefits and their exciting work projects. It invites the viewers into their world. From watching their video, we have this ‘work desire’ feeling. Video is quickly becoming a core aspect of recruiting. Incorporating videos into job advertisements lets candidates hear your organisation’s story and message. You’re not selling a product, however, you are selling a culture, a lifestyle and opportunities. That isn’t possible to get across in a brief and restricted job description, but through video it comes to life.

Most noteworthy, a other selling point from Google comes in the form of its ‘interns’ first week’ video. It’s great for candidates to see what they could be doing! It’s only 5 minutes long, has been viewed over 7,182,223 times, it’s another splendid example of how inherently shareable videos in recruitment can be.


Here are three ways you can work with your employees to create great videos for recruitment:


1. Smartphones: most of your employees are likely to have a phone with a good quality camera, start asking them to start taking photos of what they think represents your company culture and everyday company life and share them! You’ll definitely have a diverse set of visuals and snapshots of your company culture to share with prospective clients.

If you want to involve more employees, you could try a “Week in the Life” series with a different employee ‘hosting’ each week using your company’s social media platforms. This is a really innovative way in using video for recruitment; introducing candidates to potential daily schedules and work environments.

2. Short & Sweet videos: video platforms, like Vine (owned by Twitter) and Hyperlapse (owned by Instagram) are just a couple of options that will offer creative opportunities to show candidates different aspects of your company. Vine is simply a 6 second video that is great to highlight a special event or a product whilst Hyperlapse speeds up your video – perfect for giving tours of your office like Vogue have done here

3. Live Stream: the app Periscope (also owned by Twitter) allows you to live-stream with your mobile directly to your Twitter feed. It’s really simple to use, plus allows candidates to experience your company in real-time!

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