Central to charity marketing is the importance to trigger an emotion. Creating an impactful campaign that grabs attention is one thing, but serving it to the right people is another. Crunch Simply Digital understand that every charity is different. Because of this we customise every campaign to specific needs. We build every charity marketing campaign on a Connect, Consider, Convert approach. This allows us to take people down a journey of engaging content resulting in more conversions. Whether that’s increasing fundraising and donation efforts or raising awareness. By using this technique, people buy into the charity and become loyal advocates.


The connect phase is all about making people aware of your charity. It’s the first touch point in the journey. Firstly, we will use Programmatic Video. With Programmatic Video, we can promote your video across lots of channels at the lowest cost. Our technology can make sure that only your target audience will be viewing your content. This means there is no wasted spend.



Facebook is currently the largest social media platform with over 2 billion active users. We have a wide range of video promoting tools at our disposal with Facebook. Combined with Crunch’s targeting technology, we can increase brand awareness by targeting specific audiences.


Instagram is a vital channel for a charity marketing campaign. Instagram video advertising is a primary channel to put your content in front of a large, relevant audience. By inserting adverts in between peoples Instagram Stories, we can deliver a very high engagement rate. Instagram focuses around striking imagery and video content. It is a great platform for sparking up conversations.


With 330 million active monthly users, Twitter cannot be ignored. Crunch can use Twitter video advertising to make sure that as many people in your target audience see your content as possible.


Influencer Marketing has arrived. This type of marketing has been around since the first celebrity was created. Celebrities have been used to promote some of the world’s largest brands. It used to be a marketing tool that only the largest charity brands could afford. We are now able to offer Influencer Marketing at an affordable price across all charity sectors. We use social media influencers to promote content across their followers. Micro influencers have a much higher engagement rate than larger celebrities. It’s a cost-effective way of building your brand awareness and engaging with your target audience.



The Consider phase is where we start to bring donators and fundraisers further down the storytelling funnel. The story holds the importance, the media holds the key to deliver the right message to the right audience. Charities are charities, but campaigns should be run like a business; with accountability.



If you don’t know how your campaign is performing, how do you know how best to invest valuable marketing spend? Tracking and measuring is fundamental to every marketing campaign because you can identify the success channels. Our dedicated team of Ad Operation Executives managed by a Digital Consultant run your campaign from beginning to end. Our reports are readable and gives insights and feedback on how each campaign is running with any suggestion on how to improve performance. No-one wants to wait until the end of a campaign to know the results. We deliver weekly and monthly reports with hourly or daily optimisation, to ensure we dial up or dial down on marketing spend – as we go.

On top of the standard reports, we offer a Tableau service. Tableau allows us to visually display your campaign results through dashboards that are full customisable by you. We will never try to blind you with jargon.



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