Digital recruitment can be a complex business to get right. What is the digital success formula? To deliver a successful campaign, several media channels need to be applied. Our belief is that every campaign is different and to remember every click is a person. That’s why our media plans are built to every campaign objective.

88% of your target audience is passive which means, although they are right for your job, they aren’t yet looking. Using our Connect, Consider, Convert framework, we can activate this passive audience. This opens up your recruitment marketing to a whole new audience.



The Connect phase targets candidates that are unaware of the opportunity that awaits them. Data drawn from the most trusted suppliers allows you to pin point the right people and engage them with your Employee Value Proposition (EVP).


After they are connected and inspired, we nurture them with information on all the benefits a new career, with you, can offer.


Only once they are brimming with excitement do you ask them to apply. If people drop out before they get to the Convert phase, we can use retargeting to bring them back into the CCC funnel. We will then test new messaging to see which method will reach them.


Every click is a person, and every recruitment campaign is different. Usually our first port of call is within social. Social can often be seen as a fluffy digital approach, but evidence shows that social holds a strong return of investment value. So, if you need convincing, we say social can hold value that is trackable – if it strategically fits the objectives. The Facebook platform can perform well within the right digital recruitment campaign, depending on the audience and message. There are currently over 2 billion active users on Facebook; a massive reach – potentially. If done right, we can take advantage of both video, image, and text advertising with the Facebook sphere.



Next, we would build a strategy around LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the largest global social media platform comprised of professionals. We can use its targeting tools to really pin down specific profiles. We can draw out data on roles and experience. LinkedIn makes sure that your adverts are being seen by the right audience. Whether junior, mid-weight, senior, influencers or key decision maker roles, we can target them.


A successful digital recruitment campaign wouldn̓t be complete without Programmatic. Programmatic lets us bid on advertising space across the internet. It does this extremely quickly and effectively. By having experts do this for you means you result in paying a lower cost for the advertising space. Programmatic can be standard image banners, but it can also be used for buying video space and even audio. Programmatic video and programmatic radio can be great tools to drive conversions.



Once your brand is out there, we need to start getting people to consider you. Retargeting aims adverts at the people who have travelled down to the lower end of the Connect stage. You can have triggers in place to prioritise the data. For example, target people who have clicked on a specific call to action or viewed a full-length piece of film. We re-serve your ads to people who have expressed some form of interest by the triggers we set in place. This process continues until they either convert or drop out of the process. You can also cap your ads by number of times your ad is shown. Retargeting builds a strong brand image and keeps you in the minds of the individuals you want and need.


Google, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the search engine giant. Google Search is a crucial part of a digital recruitment campaign. After all, people discover through social and decide through search. You need to be at the top of the relevant searches. Over 70% of candidates start their job search with Google. Put simply, you can’t afford not to be at the top. We will also use Google retargeting to constantly bring people back into the funnel. People don̓t buy on the first touch point. It usually takes 6 – 7 attempts to finally convert a prospect. Retargeting allows us to re-engage with people easily. Crunch are the number one recruitment focused Google Premier Partner in the UK, we’re really proud of that fact.



Let’s talk Job Boards. We don’t claim that Job Boards don’t work, in fact, they play a vital role in your digital recruitment strategy. However, they need to be done correctly. Our dedicated Job Boards team build customised strategies for each campaign. Everything from the time of day the adverts get posted, to the target options you have available. We build this all from scratch specifically for you. Job Boards will sometimes hold your vacancy, and the only goal is to get CVs through the door. After all, your active audience will be looking at job boards. You just need to get your vacancy in front of them amongst the sea of other job postings.


Great, your campaign is up and running! But what do you do with all that data?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. With our in-house data team, we will decipher the information for you and put it into words you can understand. We won’t throw confusing terms at you like your CPA looks good, but the CPM was low due to a long dwell time resulting in the CTR to decrease lowering your ROI. We hate that.

We offer our Tableau services to all our clients. Tableau is a great tool to help visualise all that data. You can choose from a simple PDF report download or we can build you a tailored dashboard that you can fully customise with what information you want to see. Our inhouse Tableau experts are always on hand to help you with any questions on your campaign.



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