There’s a big difference between creating a good campaign and creating a high performing campaign. Delivering a great e-commerce marketing campaign is an art. Channels must compliment and blend with each other. Our experienced Digital Consultants know that putting a load of money into Google just won’t do. We build customised media plans for each campaign. This allows us to maximise your sales or sign ups.

Connect, Consider, Convert approach is needed for every e-commerce marketing campaign. Building a sales engine where targeted users buy fully into the brand. We want to build repeat business and longevity for our clients. A great campaign continues to deliver results long after it has finished. 


Almost 80% of people start their search for something with Google. This forms the beginning of our strategy. We will first do a full audit and make sure that Google shopping is set up correctly. We will then make sure that you will appear at the top of relevant searches. These ads will link straight to the product that a user has searched for. 



All successful ecommerce marketing campaign will have a focus around building brand image. Facebook is a great tool for getting your name out there. By using advert options like Facebook Promoted Posts and Collection ads, we can build highly engaging content. Content that constantly reminds people of your brand. With 2 Billion people currently using Facebook, it is the essential platform to advertise on.


Video is not a new marketing technique; however, it is becoming more widely used amongst brands. We can use programmatic video to make sure that your video is being served to the right people, at the right time, at the right place and at the right price. Programmatic video unlocks the key to building brand awareness and brings your products to the forefront of a transactional campaign.


Instagram is Facebook’s cooler, sassier cousin. It has become a goliath over the last few years. With tools like Instagram story ads, where we can infuse adverts into peoples Instagram Stories. Instagram ads drive a high rate of engagement and forms a strong backbone to any ecommerce marketing strategy.


In today’s competitive environment, customers need to be constantly reminded of your brand. This is where we add retargeting to your ecommerce marketing campaign. Retargeting allows us to reconnect with users who have already seen or expressed an interest in a product. We can keep retargeting a user with differing content until they decide to buy, or we deem them out of the funnel entirely.



We will also use social advertising at the Consider phase. By using formats like Facebook Canvas, we can build quickloading landing pages. People can tap into these landing pages and see a whole range of products or services. Facebook Canvas drives an extremely high rate of engagement. It’s the perfect tool to entice people to purchase from your brand.


All the above is to take a person on a journey through your brand, but the conversion is key. Our end goal is to encourage people to buy from your business. We will track all conversions and optimise our campaign to the data that we collect.



Once a person buys from you, we will use similar audience targeting to find people that profile like that person. We can build highly targeted lists of people that will be highly likely to convert. Then we start at the beginning with these people and start connecting with them. 


At Crunch we pride ourselves on our ability to report our data back to clients in an easy to ready format. We need you to know exactly how your campaign is performing and what the outcomes were. We will produce weekly and monthly reports as the campaign is running. This is to highlight any areas that need to be improved, or we can reduce the spend as they are outperforming our predictions. Clients will have daily access to Campaign managers who will help with any questions. Once the campaign has finished, we will issue our final report and present the results back to the client.

We also offer our Tableau services. Tableau is a great piece of technology that allows us to build each client customised dashboards. These dashboards will show real-time results that you can access. You can download all of that data in easy to read PDFs. We have inhouse Tableau specialists on hand if you need any help.



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