Student marketing and digital advertising need to go hand in hand. Crunch Simply Digital have had over 10 years’ experience in the Student Marketing sector. When running a student campaign, you may hear the same words ‘millennials’, ‘student engagement’ and a mountain of more buzzwords. The internet was launched 26 years ago, meaning the vast student market are ‘digital natives’. Digital Natives are a digital-driven audience, strategically meaning digital first. This doesn’t rule out traditional and classic marketing. It just means digital offers more answers and justification on spend. It’s really about core branding, audience building and transactional – yes, this sounds business-talk to associate the word transaction with a student campaign. But that’s what a student campaign is ultimately about – to create highly successful, customised, strategies that drive student enrolment.

University competition has never been higher when it comes to attracting students. Universities and colleges needs to create a strong brand identity that students can buy into. Without this, your audience will quickly pass you by and look at competitors. This is where your student marketing strategy needs to kick into mode.

By using the Connect, Consider, Convert model, we can tailor make student marketing media plans that yield accountable results. 


Almost 80% of students start their University search with Google. This is our first port of call for connection with the potential student. You need to be at the top of any relevant searches so that you are visible. Digital is scientific, so we architect a detailed keyword targeting strategy, so you always stay above the competition. 



Facebook is currently the largest social media platform with over 2 billion people using it. It gives us a wide range of advertising tools that we can choose from. From Facebook Canvas and collection ads to promoted posts, we get you front of the right audience, at the right time. Evidence shows, student marketing campaigns should not be without Facebook.


What if people aren’t searching for you or looking at the posts on Facebook? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We can put targeted adverts on lots of different websites. We will supply you with a list of websites that we think your audience frequent on. We have a team of data analysts that put these extensive lists together. They serve adverts on these websites to put your brand at the front of your target audiences mind.


We’re always looking at new and innovative technologies to expand targeting options for our clients. Endorsement Marketing has been around for years and years, but digital has shaped Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing is not completely new; however, it’s been a marketing tool that only brands like Coca-Cola could afford and access. We offer Influencer Marketing to all our clients at an affordable price. Gone are the days where you pay a premium price for celebrity agents to mention your brand. We have developed many Influencer campaigns for student recruitment, where we collate a carefully chosen lists of relevant micro influencers that resonate with your right audience.


People don’t buy into a product, brand or service on the first touch point. You need to constantly fuel your brand in front of your target audience. By using retargeting methods, we can make sure that users are constantly reminded about you. It builds subconscious connections and will make students more likely to enrol with you. 



At the consider phase we will use other social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. We use promoted content to insert the brand into relevant newsfeeds and stories. These are highly engaging and productive forms of advertising that drives users to a landing page or webpage


Without a clear goal, a student marketing strategy is doomed to fail. We can look at a website or landing page with fresh eyes and external insight. We advise our clients on how best to maximise the effectiveness of landing pages or webpages with triggers and design that causes conversion.



If you don’t know how your campaign is performing, how do you know how best to invest valuable marketing spend? Tracking and measuring is fundamental to every marketing campaign because you can identify the success channels. Our dedicated team of Ad Operation Executives managed by a Digital Consultant run your campaign from beginning to end. Our reports are readable and gives insights and feedback on how each campaign is running with any suggestion on how to improve performance. No-one wants to wait until the end of a campaign to know the results. We deliver weekly and monthly reports with hourly or daily optimisation, to ensure we dial up or dial down on marketing spend – as we go.

On top of the standard reports, we offer a Tableau service. Tableau allows us to visually display your campaign results through dashboards that are full customisable by you. We will never try to blind you with jargon.



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