Crunch has successfully hired again. This time it’s not our usual recruitment suspect, this one is a rather unique one. A calming yet energetic 20-month-old, purebred golden retriever called Tudor. He’s not an ordinary office pet dog either, he’s our Ad-Ops Digital Executive Angharad’s guide dog.

There’s a lot to think about, consider and implement when integrating a guide dog into the workplace. It’s been refreshing and reflective and a journey, which we’ve thoroughly loved being part of.

Our bright spark Angharad is registered blind, a guide dog has changed her life. Not just practically say dealing with traffic, guiding Angharad across a road, or normal day-to-day obstacles on the route, but this is a partnership that offers unique, safe and effective ways of getting around independently.

Having Tudor in the office has been an inspiring experience that’s brought positive impact all round. Angharad and Tudor’s partnership not only needs to be between them, but it needs to come from the support of her neighbouring co-workers to ensure the best possible partnership.

We understood from the get-go that sometimes Angharad would need extra time such as extended lunchbreaks to walk Tudor or time to go training.

To integrate Tudor as attentively as we could we made office improvements to make room for him. Giving him the right space and ensuring food was away and out of reach, these were immediate changes. Briefing our co-workers with the right information and giving them time to welcome Tudor was important too.

We asked Angharad to share her thoughts and story: “Tudor isn’t an ordinary pet dog, he has his very on job role as my guide dog. He’s been welcomed into the Crunch team with open arms and Crunch as a company have been extremely accommodating towards my training with Tudor, the settling in process we had to go through and rules that had to come into force for having a working dog in the office.”

From a day-today basis Tudor has free run of the Crunch office and has made is presence fully known to the Crunch team and likes to wonder up to people for a scratch and trying to get them to play.

He’s also made pals with Monty the resident office dog and enjoys coming into work every day.

“Crunch really have pulled out all the stops for accommodating both myself and Tudor, it’s so nice coming in work where they don’t see Tudor as a disability aid but as a new member of the team. We both look forward to developing our careers further with Crunch Simply Digital.”

Simply, he’s now part of the Crunch team. We’re glad Angharad feels he’s included and not only a service animal. There are times he’s treated as a pet and is allowed to roam the office. We’re thrilled Angharad and Tudor are happy and settled in their workplace home.