What if I told you that you could save time and money by employing a little robot to take care of the time-consuming little jobs for you? What if I also told you that your candidates would appreciate this and your response rates could improve? All sounds futuristic, right? Well it isn’t if you get yourself a recruitment chatbot.


Recruitment chatbots vary – from your simple single replies to your context-enabled bots, these can follow the conversation in such detail they can change their responses to fit the language used by the person interacting with it. Facebook messenger is a classic example and is proving to be great for businesses to integrate chatbots. Although Facebook messenger was originally a function for people to contact their friends, people are now messaging businesses the same way they message friends. Here at Crunch, we only like being involved in something that is useful for recruitment, so we set out to find a partner providing chatbots that we felt were of a high standard.

Crunch’s partner, We Build Bots, builds sophisticated and intelligent chatbots for customer service departments, events, charities, publishers and sports clubs.
As part of this, recruitment chatbots have recently been introduced to the recruitment world through websites, such as Hiremya. Hiremya is a notable example of increasing efficiency and targeting in recruitment with features, such as sourcing, screening, and scheduling. These features come together to create rich candidate profiles and shortlists. Recruiters can use these to make better informed hiring decisions. For the candidate, Hiremya provides a 24-hour service and gives regular updates, feedback and guidance throughout the application process. One of the best features is its ability to answer any enquiries in real-time. This, in turn, saves the candidate time in worrying.



In this case, recruitment chatbots would appear on the landing page for people. For example, an enquiring student clicks onto the landing page to find a popup appear from a chatbot. The student can then ask any question and get an immediate response.
Uniquely, the more interaction and detailed information a chatbot has, the more a chatbot learns. The more students and relevant people visit the University page more frequently and interact with a chatbot, the more it masters the relevant language for the future. Once a chatbot has mastered its audience, it can spark up a conversation.

Is this the answer to all your woes? No, but it is a step in the right direction. The time saved by chat bots outweighs the cost of having one tenfold.


1. Answers all frequently asked questions in a uniform way ensuring messages to your potential candidates aren’t getting lost.

2. Weed out the time wasters. We all have people who apply because it’s a job, but lots of time is spent asking the same questions about the candidates’ experience and right to work in the UK. The Chatbot can do this for you. It can go through those questions with the candidate prior to application or prior to booking an interview. This, of course, saves valuable time.

3. Book candidates in for an interview.  More sophisticated bots can book with your calendar and book a candidate in once they have made it through the relevant questions.

4. Pass on information during the application process such as parking, lunch, venue details and addresses

We’re massive advocate for the recruitment chatbots and the solutions they provide. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how we work with our partners to find solutions to the recruitment process.