Uber have announced that they are planning to release a new service focused on filling temporary staffing roles. They are calling it Uber Works, which is currently being tested in Chicago.

Over the last year we have seen a few of the large tech companies branching into the recruitment market. Probably the best example of this is the tech giant Google releasing their very own job search engine – Google for Jobs. Uber are now the latest to see the value in this sector according the Financial Times.

This is an exciting time for the industry as whole. If Uber Works is anywhere near as successful as their transport or food delivery app, it will change the way companies fill temporary roles.


Right now, Uber Works is focusing around on-demand staffing for events and corporate functions. They are piloting this across Chicago, but clearly if this works the rollout will happen imminently. How it works, we hear you ask? So, if you were looking for someone to fill a short-term vacancy, all you would have to do is go on the app and pick your candidates. In terms of the interface we’re unsure how that functions and looks right now. However, if the pilot in Chicago is a successful, we can expect Uber Works to land and expand in the recruitment industry just like they have with transport and food delivery within the UK. It’s a game-changer and one we feel, although in test mode, it’s good to know about.

We can only speculate but having a list of potential candidates with comments from previous employers is a goldmine for recruiters. Recruiters will be able to quickly sift through people who match the job criteria. If they use the rating system that they currently use to certify and control their transport app, we will be able to have a quick overview of how reliable a candidate will be.


No, this is not a new concept at all. There are other apps that are doing similar things. What Uber Works has going for them is the brand exposure and clout behind them to make their mark. They are able to get instant recognition and press coverage. We know them, trust them and are happy to adopt the technology that they release.

This move is part of a strategy to diversify their business portfolio before the company goes public next year. Uber wants to put themselves in the strongest position possible. Introducing new, popular sections of the business is a great way to build a solid and stable company.


We are not saying that Uber Works will replace the traditional way of finding and recruiting people, but it will defiantly fill a gap in the market. We must stress that this is for temporary staffing requirements only. However, the future could hold more for this service, so watch the space.

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